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Are any doctors or medical centers following up on Dr. Zamboni’s CCSVI Theory?

After Dr. Zamboni and his team proposed the theory of CCSVI, a host of researchers and medical professionals quickly began examining various aspects of CCSVI. Presently, research on CCSVI is growing so rapidly that it is nearly impossible to accurately summarize. Here are some highlights:

  • Follow-up Research: Led by Dr. Robert Zivadinov, the Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center (BNAC) in Buffalo, New York, is actively engaged in a study attempting to replicate Dr. Zamboni’s initial studies linking CCSVI with MS. Further, BNAC has initiated a follow-up study to test the efficacy of balloon angioplasty treatment for CCSVI.

  • CCSVI Diagnostics - Dr. E. Mark Haacke, a pioneer in state of the art imaging techniques, has been at the forefront in establishing early CCSVI diagnostic protocols, and in exploring the link between iron deposits in the brain and CCSVI/MS.

  • Professional Acknowledgement –After reviewing both the long history of research linking MS and the venous system, as well as the host of emerging data on CCSVI, the International Union of Phlebotomists (IUP) voted in December, 2009, to include CCSVI as an officially recognized venous malformation in their Consensus Document and Guidelines.

  • CCSVI Conferences - Several conferences have been convened on CCSVI, including one in Bologna, Italy in 2009, and one in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 2010. During these conferences, researchers presented findings on CCSVI Treatments, imaging, and theory.

  • CCSVI Treatment – Various medical facilities in Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, and the United States have begun CCSVI treatment.

  • Emerging Research - The April 2010 issue of International Angiology presented 13 new CCSVI research articles, including two new studies documenting the significant relationship between CCSVI and MS.

  • American Academy of NeurologyThe American Academy of Neurology (AAN) annual meeting, held in Toronto, Canada in April of 2010 included one feature presentation and five “poster session” presentations on CCSVI.

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