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How is CCSVI Diagnosed?

In the hands of skilled practitioners, CCSVI can be diagnosed by producing detailed images of the major pathways draining blood from the brain and spinal cord, plus blood flow rates and reflux. Typically, the technologies used are Magnetic Resonance Venography (MRV), CT Venography, Duplex Ultrasonography, and Catheter Venography.  These technologies can safely provide evidence of a wide range of vascular indicators of CCSVI, including stenoses, abnormally developed and/or twisted veins, and unusual valves or septums

However, CCSVI diagnosis is complicated, requiring extensive specialized training and the application of specialized protocols. Imaging centers advertising CCSVI diagnoses without proven training and expertise may not provide accurate diagnosis.

A detailed presentation of CCSVI Diagnostic techniques, together with images obtained through those techniques, is available in our The Basics section, Diagnosing CCSVI.

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