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What happens after the procedure?

Answer 1:  After the procedure, I had to remain flat for several hours before I was allowed to get dressed and be discharged from the hospital.  The nurses brought in some juice and some crackers which were much needed given the fact that I had not had anything to eat or drink after midnight.  When I was discharged, I was not allowed to go home because home was quite a distance away (over a 2 hour drive) and the physician did not want me in the car with my leg bent for that amount of time.  I stayed at a local hotel and returned the following day to discuss with the IR doctor how I was doing and he explained to me what he found during the procedure.  I was then released to go home.  

Answer 2: I stayed in the hospital overnight, probably as a precaution since I got a stent. Nothing noteworthy about that time. I was told not to bend down for a few days because of the incision in my groin, and not to wrench my neck around while the stent settled.

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