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Can you feel the stent afterwards?

Answer 1:  It depends on the location of the stent. Mine is on the backside of my neck near my earlobe, and I cannot feel it internally or touch it externally. But people who have them in other locations say they can. Interesting to note that once people know you have one, they often ask if they can touch it.  It’s a little like being an expectant mother that way.  And the other big comment is that there are no Frankenstein like bolts or scars; and there wouldn’t be, because the procedure is done through an incision in the groin.

Answer 2: I cannot feel the stent with external touch but there is a different feel to the neck from the left side (stented) to the right side (no stent).  To the external touch there is a feeling of "fullness".  Internally, I definitely feel something in my neck on the left side. 

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