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What does it feel like to be awake during the procedure?

Answer 1:   It was very interesting, and very exciting. Since even medical jargon can make me queasy if I'm in the wrong mood, I was nervous that I would do something really embarrassing on the table, like pass out. But I was so engaged in the procedure itself that there was no time to be nervous. I could see the monitors, hear the doctors talking, respond to their questions and instructions, and tell them how I was feeling. I even wore my glasses through most of the procedure so I could see everything better.

Answer 2:  Although I was on the procedure table for over two hours, time really flew by quickly. I was interested in all of the communication going on around me between doctors and technicians. I was occasionally asked to hold my breath for a few seconds, or push like I was having a bowel movement. The medical team was responsive to any questions I asked.  It was an amazing experience, not at all frightening.  The staff and doctors were so supportive.

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