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Did your local neurologist, the one who has been treating your MS, support your decision to have CCSVI treatment?

Answer 1:  My neurologist is not a believer in the CCSVI/MS model.  He didn't say that, but I can just tell from our conversations.  Yet, he supported my decision to get CCSVI treatment 100%, because he knows his arsenal of weapons has been completely used up on my MS, and he didn’t consider the procedure high-risk.  He couldn't offer me any better alternatives.  I respect him for that, and I hope one day to convince him of the CCSVI/MS connection. 

Answer 2:  While my neurologist is not convinced of CCSVI's relationship with MS, he understood why it interested me and has been interested in my experience. He spoke with the doctor who did the procedure prior to my having it, and he is always eager to hear how I am doing since then.

Answer 3:  My neurologist knew nothing about CCSVI prior to me sending him Zamboni's research.  He read the research, thought it was intriguing and wished me good luck as I travelled to Stanford.  He said there was not sufficient research data for him to support my decision, but he understood and respected my personal desire to be tested and possibly treated. 

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