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Is CCSVI Treatment Painful?

Answer 1: With one exception, I experienced very little discomfort.  There was the unpleasantness of getting an IV started.  There was a pinch when they numbed the area in my groin for the tiny catheter incision.  At times I could sense the catheter moving around my chest and neck, but it was not uncomfortable.  Even when the balloon was expanded I sometimes felt it and sometimes didn't, but it was never painful. I didn't have stents placed.  The only discomfort I felt was in my buttocks on the hard procedure table.  After an hour or so it really ached, and shifting positions to address the ache, like I do in my wheelchair all day, was not permitted.  Eventually my doctor gave me some pain killers, and everything else went fine. 

Answer 2: I experienced no pain during my procedure that involved stent placement. I asked prior to the procedure if I would feel anything, and the doctors assured me that I would not be in pain, but that if I felt anything they would adjust the local anesthesia or sedative.  After the procedure, I needed to take painkillers for a few days, but I did not need many, and my mild discomfort faded.

Answer 3: I felt pain during my procedure but I suspect it was because the part of my jugular vein he was in was a dead end. He adjusted the anesthesia and I was in and out of consciousness and felt nothing. I also didn't know I was put out.

Answer 4: I had back issues from being still so long. Toward the second hour, my back started aching, and it didn't stop. I didn't need painkillers but it was definitely out of line afterwards. If you have back issues going into the procedure, be prepared to have some after because lying flat for so long may have consequences.

Answer 5: I did feel pain when the catheter was up very high above my ear.  I felt pressure and then got an intense headache.  I told the IR doctor who immediately pulled back on the catheter and the pain went away, completely.  I also felt pain when he ballooned open the vein, but it was tolerable.  Other than that, I mostly felt pressure.  I did not need any pain killers during or after the procedure. 

Answer 6: During the procedure, I felt quite a bit of pain when the stent was pressurized.  After the procedure, I had pain when I swallowed which was probably caused by the length of the stent (over 3").  I needed to take pain medication for about four days after the procedure.

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