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Finding Treatment Providers

A number of physicians in the United States are currently providing endovascular treatment for patients with CCSVI. Of these, some have made their work public, while others prefer to remain private, accepting new patients primarily through word-of-mouth. Still more doctors are actively working to begin providing treatment, either by setting up private practices or waiting for approval from the Institutional Review Board of their organization.

Nonetheless, for many wanting treatment, the options remain few and may require out-of-pocket medical expenses and travel. However, at this time, CCSVI Alliance is hesitant to publish a list of all known doctors providing treatment. First, some physicians simply do not want their names publicly listed. Second, we are uncertain whether any such list would legally or even tacitly imply that CCSVI Alliance vouches for and endorses these doctors when in fact we may or may not be familiar with their practice.

Still, we understand the imperative to make treatment providers available to those seeking treatment, and we are actively exploring options for collaborating with treatment centers and treating physicians to post useful information for potential patients. Until we have our process in place, we suggest the following options:

  • See our Discussing CCSVI with your doctor document for tips on how to discuss CCSVI with various types of physicians

  • Search for potential CCSVI treatment providers on the CCSVI section of ThisIsMS: http://www.thisisms.com/forum-40.html  (Note again, however, that CCSVI Alliance does not endorse or vouch for physicians you may find)

  • Reach out to Interventional Radiologists via http://www.sirweb.org (go to left side of home page, use "doctor finder")

  • Discuss treatment options with your physician team

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