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“CCSVI is the cause of MS and the ‘Liberation Treatment’ is the cure.”

It is far too early in the research and discovery process to make any broad claims about causes or cures.

While Dr. Zamboni's initial results1 correlating CCSVI and MS have now been replicated by studies in Jordan2, Poland3, and by preliminary results of research underway at the Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center4, the precise nature of the CCSVI-MS relationship remains unclear. Similarly, while Dr. Zamboni’s preliminary open label study of CCSVI treatment has shown positive results, both the procedure itself and the outcomes must be replicated in rigorously controlled studies, and confirmed by independent researchers. Further, note that Dr. Zamboni has always been clear that the term “liberation treatment” refers to unblocking veins (liberating veins from their stenoses) to allow improved blood flow from the brain and spine back to the heart. The term “liberation treatment” was not meant to imply that the procedure “liberates” patients from multiple sclerosis.

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