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“CCSVI procedures are too dangerous.  There have been fatalities.”

CCSVI treatment is based on basic endovascular procedures (balloon angioplasty and stent placement) that have been commonplace for over 20 years.

The only published study of CCSVI Treatment safety is Dr. Zamboni’s Open Label study. Of the 65 patients receiving balloon angioplasty (with 1 patient also receiving a stent), Dr. Zamboni’s patients experienced no serious health problems, a result consistent with a wide body of research on the general safety of endovascular procedures.

Regarding outcomes in the United States, one patient died of an intra-cerebral hemorrhage (bleeding within the brain), which occurred within 48 hours of having a CCSVI venous stent placed.  The patient was taking a blood thinner, which is standard after all CCSVI interventional procedures.  Bleeding associated with hemorrhages can be exacerbated when a patient is on a blood thinner.  According to doctors, the brain hemorrhage was not caused by the placement of the stent.

For those seeking a thorough and unbiased discussion of CCSVI Treatment risks, we encourage you to review our Advanced Topics section, CCSVI Treatment and Risks. Additionally, patients should always consult their physicians when considering any medical procedure.

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