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CCSVI Alliance Interviews

Joan Beal, CCSVI Alliance board member, interviews ISNVD 2014 Conference keynote speaker, Dr. Paula Grammas, PhD. Dr. Grammas is Professor of Neurology - Texas Tech University and Executive Director of the Garrison Institute on Aging. She was recently appointed Director of the Texas Alzheimer's Research Consortium. Joan talks with Dr. Grammas about her research into the role of blood vessels and inflammation in neurological disease.


Dr. Paolo Zamboni discusses his new pilot study which looks at perfusion changes in the multiple sclerosis (MS) brain prior to and after successful venoplasty for CCSVI, utilizing SPECT and PET scans. His team also compares cerebral perfusion in MS to normal controls.  Recorded at the ISNVD 2014 Conference - San Francisco.


Neurologist Dr. David Hubbard reviews the history and the future of the FDA-approved Hubbard Patient Registry for the treatment of CCSVI. Recorded at the ISNVD 2014 Conference - San Francisco.

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